• پرینت


• New BENINCA radio frequency system composed of
an 868 Mhz transmitter, model RF / RF.SUN and
combined with the SC.RF receiver.

• It allows two-way communication via radio between
the device installed on the mobile edge of the gate
and supplied by a battery (connected to a safety sensitive edge)
and the receiver installed on the electronic
control unit.
• The absence of wires on the mobile gate device makes it
particularly suitable for sectional and industrial
doors and for the protection of mobile edges on sliding gates.
• The transmitter is available in two models: RF.SUN with a
rechargeable battery by means of a photovoltaic
panel and RF with a non rechargeable battery, with guaranteed
duration 2 years.
• Both models have an input for the connection of an 8K2 sensitive
edge or a mechanical rib, degree of
protection IP 55.
• The SC.RF receiver, fed 12/24, is equipped with an autotest function
and 2 relay outputs for connection to
the electronic control units (possibility of associating up to 4 transmitters
for each output channel).
• The new BENINCA device therefore allows the securing of industrial
systems, without requiring connection
cables in the mobile part of the gate and thus making installation easier
on existing systems.
• Complies with standard EN12978