Road Blockers

Road Blocks for military use

And security in various models

with deterrence and speed

 and different performance

Automatic Bollard

Bollards in city models and blockers

With deterrent power and

speeds with different


Automatic Barrier

Barriers for parking

entrances in

various models and

different speeds

Folding Barrier

Folding Barriers in single point models

And three points of portable aluminum

and iron materials With the possibility

of connecting several barriers to each other

Access Control

Access Control systems for

passing vehicles, Authorized

vehicle using card reader,

coding And radio tags

Automatic Glass Doors

Automatic glass doors in sliding

models, Telescopic, curved and hinged

faces for all types Inputs with

various widths and heights

Automatic Industrial Doors

Industrial fast doors made of

polyester and PVC is available in

various models and colors Use in

factories, production centers and

food industries Isolate and

prevent energy loss

Rollup Automatic Doors

Sectional Rollup doors in models

And various colors with

automatic systems Ceiling and

side with various directional

powers Industrial and

residential uses

Automatic Hinged Doors

Automatic and hydraulic systems for

hinged parking doors in single-leaf,

double-leaf and folding models suitable

for residential and industrial use

Automatic Sliding Systems

Automatic sliding parking systems

in various models with different

voltages and powers for industrial

and residential use

Sliding and hinged door fittings

Hinged and sliding door fittings

produced with CNC machines

made by reputable

European companies

Introduction of Operators

Introduction of automatic systems from

the top European brands for all types of hinged,

sliding, ascending, glass doors and

all kinds of automatic arm locks