After about 20 years of professional activity in the industry of security and safety systems, especially in the field of specialization of automatic doors and barriers and the existence of close commercial and technical relations with the largest and most reputable European manufacturing companies and strong trade relations with companies. Reputable Asian and companies based in the Middle East and on the other hand, a serious and continuous presence in the Iranian market and provide specialized services in the field of supply of goods, design consulting, commissioning and after-sales service, as well as familiarity with the characteristics and needs of the Iranian market. At this stage, we decided to create a process in which activists in the field of automatic doors have easy access to the cottage of services and required information such as consulting, design and technical and engineering information, and easily access to services and support And after-sales service at a standard level and reasonable prices.

A number of companies with which the management of this company has established business relations for many years and at different levels, and during this time has strengthened the relationship and raised their level, are: