Panatin Pars Company, with the aim of introducing the latest innovations in the industry of automatic doors and automation of automatic entrance doors, has always tried to offer products and services to the market that have the highest level of quality. Full familiarity of managers with domestic and foreign markets, strong business relationship with well-known European suppliers, skills of specialized teams and their familiarity with modern world knowledge, technical and engineering ability, commitment and conscientiousness of experts and staff of this company, innovative organization and Has created a dynamic that is recognized as a reliable collection in the industry, among foreign companies, partners and consumers. Panatin Pars, relying on the history of its managers who have been active in this field since 1994, as well as the remarkable ability that exists in the technical and engineering, executive, commercial and foreign trade fields in this company, is always ready to present and implement the most advanced and latest Automatic systems and barriers in all areas, as well as custom and project specific.


DEA was founded in the early 1990s to produce advanced automation technologies. Over the years, the whole goal of DEA has been to develop new technologies to achieve the highest performance in accordance with modern standards. The company has a specialized electronic department called DEA, in which all electronic components are assembled, checked and tested, and this is done by skilled employees and advanced technological structures.


BENINCA was founded in 1979 and has a history full of new knowledge and success. The goal of this company is specialized design and development of systems for residential projects and specialized and industrial automation. Has played a major role in the automation market for over 25 years. The BENINCA path includes ideas, people, systems and designs that make human life easier.


MICOMDOOR company is a very reputable manufacturer in the field of special automatic doors. The company's products include sliding, arched, telescopic and hinged glass doors. The company was founded in 1977 and has always been striving and advancing in the field of glass doors and currently has the best technology in Europe and Latin America. Among the characteristics of the company's production systems is the production of coal-free operators and the highest technology in the world with continuous operation and without noise and with European standards and the highest quality.