This system, along with automatic barriers and doors, provides proper security and integration to control as well as monitor how and when the traffic of cars and customers.

- Ability to record entry, exit and reporting information

- Ability to control and identify entry and exit vehicles in public parking lots

- Determining the amount for the time of using the parking lots and the possibility of monitoring it

- Connect to various inputs such as RFID card reader and plate reader

- Ability to use the network


Plate reader systems:

The plate reader camera, which is installed at the entrance of the parking lot, takes pictures of cars entering or leaving the parking lot, and uses artificial intelligence techniques to identify the location of the plate and recognize the plate, and after processing the image, extracts the existing numbers and letters from the plate reader system and corresponds to the information previously registered in the system, and if the matching is positive, the traffic license is given to the vehicle and the traffic jam system is opened.


Related accessories:



Advantages of using RFID:

- Reduce costs (reduce manual activities and increase speed)

- Automation (non-stop)

- Error reduction

- Control of invisible processes

- Ability to update tags without manual intervention

- Security

- Integrity