Various systems for automation of hinged doors are offered in single, double and folding types, which can be selected according to the structure of the entrances and the opening angle. Hinge electromechanical and hydraulic systems are used according to the weight and length of each hinge. Hydraulic systems are used for places with high traffic or the weight or length of the hinges is very high, and in other cases, electromechanical systems are used.

Use of four operators and controls with advanced control panel for heavy hinged doors in windy areas


Single-leaf hinged doors with a length of 2.5 to 6 meters and open to the right or left using powerful hydraulic or electromechanical operators


Underground operators or in-ground protective box for hinged doors with limited operator installation space


Use of operators and special fittings for folding doors with limited opening space


Control the operation of operators and peripherals through the control panel with the following features:

- Adjust the power of operators separately

- Slow speed setting at the end of the track

- Adjust the type of remote function and accessories for commands issued to the panel

- Ability to connect to Electronic Video Door Opener to open the door

- The possibility of opening the door as a single door for people, bicycles or motorcycles

- Clear missing remote in advanced models

- Ability to connect instantaneous, magnetic locks

- Ability to connect to access control system

- Ability to connect a variety of safety systems and electronic eyes

- Various settings on accessories


A variety of motion control equipment



2-channel and 4-channel remotes with high range and non-copyable


Emergency switches:

It is safe and can be installed next to the control panel for use when the remote is not available


Press keys:

OPEN, CLOSE, START or STOP keys, which are mostly used in guards


Electrical door opener:

Possibility to open the parking door as a single door for pedestrians or as a double door via Electrical door opener


Access control systems:

Ability to open the door with a variety of coding systems, identification cards, fingerprints and any access control system


All kinds of safety and warning equipment

Electronic eyes:

Infrared linear eyes to avoid collisions with cars and pedestrians


Safety edge:

Plastic tapes with optical or microswitch equipment for safety in the event of a collision



Warning to announce movement when opening and closing


Warning light:

A light or lights in the yard can be used for lighting or warning while moving the doors.


- Electromechanical systems include motor and gear with long step

- Integrated hydraulic systems including motor, piston and pump sets are all in one set and do not require hoses. These systems have a hydraulic clutch which is one of the advantages of this type of system