Industrial doors are used for special applications such as docks, production halls, industrial factories, pharmaceuticals, health, food and cold stores and wide entrances with high height and variety in design and type of movement in order to make use of the maximum entrance space.

Special dock doors for loading and unloading places made of sandwich panels or fast industrial PVC doors, suitable for cargo trucks with the possibility of using Dock Shelter protective curtains.



Automatic docking systems to match the height of the loading room with the level of the warehouse environment and easy loading and unloading of the load to the truck and removal of the forklift from the loading cycle by pallet jack and manpower.


Wide or long sectional doors made of sandwich panel with the ability to use windows and interior doors for the entrance of sheds, production and industrial places.


In industrial places, high-strength shutters are used to cover wide entrances and high heights. These types of shutters are offered in fire or windproof models in galvanized or single-walled or double-walled aluminum.


Industrial folding doors to create as widest entrances as possible.

Can be used in industrial halls, aviation industries, airports and special productions.