This type of barrier is used with the following three uses:

Urban, traffic control parking security, anti-suicide

One of the urban applications is to temporarily ban car traffic on certain streets such as museums, holy places, historical and tourist sites, control the entry and exit of parking lots at certain times.

A special type of barrier is used to protect important places against the entry of unauthorized vehicles and suicide attacks.


Possibility of using collard and arm barriers at the same time in order to use bollard barriers in emergencies

Possibility of using floor and column barriers simultaneously for different security applications

Possibility of using several column barriers simultaneously with coordinated or separate movement

Possibility of using plate recognition system for passing authorized vehicles

Ability to use access control systems to identify authorized vehicles

Ability to use accessories such as traffic lights and remote control

Ability to design and build bollards with different diameters, thicknesses and heights

Ability to change the operating speed from one to six seconds depending on the capacity of the power supply system

Ability to provide bollards in different colors and materials

Possibility of designing bollards with different resistances for all types of light and heavy vehicles

Possibility of installing LED lights on the body of the barrier