These barriers are offered in security and super-security models with different heights, each of which is proposed and selected according to the conditions of the project location, taking into account the type of attacking vehicle.


Specifications of anti-terrorist barriers - road blockers:

- Movable barrier height when opening: 80, 60 and 40 cm in three models

- Obstacle climbing time: 6 seconds (or according to customer order)

- Construction of main and fixed structure according to engineering analyzes

- It has microswitches to determine the range of motion

- Sturdy and professional welding

- Ability to remove the impactable body from the main obstacle chassis for replacement or possible repairs

- Impact capability equivalent to a mass of 3.7 tons at a speed of 80 km / h

- Design based on international standards in high security models

- Provide analysis and simulation of the proposed barrier by advanced mechanical engineering software in high security models

- Calculation of static resistance against vehicles weighing 70 tons

- Calculation of dynamic resistance to impacts caused by vehicle collisions

- Calculate the appropriate resistance to the fatigue load (change of the top plate mode) caused by passing cars

- Use of three-dimensional truss structure in the moving part